Running for Michigan's House of Representatives in the 68th District

About the Candidate

Grant’s first experience in politics was at the age of 16. He was appointed to be one of 72 summer staffers in Congress and served in its last class. Alongside that, Grant was among those selected to represent his hometown at Boys’ State (a state-level political simulation). Following his success with the summer of 2011, Grant chose to attend Michigan State University studying Political Science and History. In order to enrich his education experience he spent several semesters abroad in dozens of countries and several continents on scholarship. His global travels showed him ideas that he can bring back to Michigan and Lansing.

In Lansing, Grant has been active on all area political campaigns. While abroad, he fought for Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. He volunteered for Andy Schor’s final house election race, Theresa Abed’s bid for house, and for Andy Schor’s mayoral campaign. In the fall of 2016, Grant served as a staffer for Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi and helped bring over $20 million in aid for infrastructure upgrades in Detroit. Outside of candidate races, Grant has been extremely active in community activities, the local Democratic party, and the Progressive Democrats of America as their event coordinator. With your help, he can bring his experience to work for Lansing and Michigan.



    Green Energy:

    Michigan is poised to embrace the Green Energy Movement. Lansing must lead this initiative going forward for our future.



    Michigan’s infrastructure is in dire straits. We propose a radical idea: spend money collected for roads on roads.


    Education Reform:

    Education is the cornerstone of Michigan. Our universities are world class and I’ll strive to see that’s how they remain.

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